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Will It Increase to Curb Appeal and Value of My Home?

A well thought out lawn can add enormous curb appeal as well as value to your home. It will make the features of your home stand out and if you are trying to sell your home, it is one of the first types of details any potential buyers will notice. There’s nothing really like a well manicured lawn and very carefully trimmed hedges that can add immense immediate value to any type of property.

At What Point Should I Hire a Landscaper?

The right time to hire a landscaper would be if you don’t have a “green thumb” and you aren’t going to have any time to devote to removing the old landscape and then planting the new one. There are some specific steps that need to be taken care of first in order to prevent any soil erosion so that you’ll need at least a weekend of hard work.

What are the benefits of Using Your Company Over other contractors?

We have been in business over 10 years. At times experience combined on a crew can be over 30 years. We are current with State of Washington Licencing, Insurance and Bond. We are different from most contractors you may have dealt with. We do not cut corners and complete projects in cheap manner.

We offer landscaping services for everyone, Residential and Commercial. Our reputation has been earned with blood and sweat and we tend to keep it that way. Our only resume we can have, is what left behind, at your residence. We will not leave and not stop, until we have  tried to please you 100%


We have some sort of light green lawn grass that grows faster than the rest, what is it?

Actually, that “grass” you are seeing isn’t a grass at all, it’s a “sedge.”  Yellow Nut sedge is a common weed in lawns and often arrives with topsoil that has been excavated from bottom ground (near creeks and streams) since this sedge likes moist soil conditions. If you pull one of these plants out of the ground, and roll it between your fingers, you’ll notice the base of the stem is triangular instead of being round. Its other common name “nutgrass” refers to the small nut-like bulbs that form on the tips of its root system, and the plant spreads by these nutlets and by seed. Yellow nut sedge can be controlled by hand weeding or by using a lawn herbicide specifically labeled for yellow nut sedge. It is best removed before it becomes well established, since it can be a persistent weed.

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